30 December 2013

New Years Eve Outfit

It's that time of year again!

Where you forget what day of the week it is and wear pjamas all day long.

... well I have been!

We still have a few days until work is back on again so we may as well enjoy in style and looking nice.

This outfit is all from 

in the post Christmas sales.

I think it would look nice on a casual night at the pub counting down to midnight

or your own house party!


My thumb ring is from River Island 

and the other is Pandora.

The leaf earrings I got for 50p 

and the boots (Fuggs) *fake uggs

I got for £5 

I'm using them as slippers, they are so super comfy!

But you can always use them as proper shoes as they have a solid plastic sole.

And my little poopy couldn't help but get involved!

Have a great new years and it feels good to be back.

22 December 2013

Get it together.

So I haven't blogged for a while...


I haven't blogged for 94 days to be precise.

You see.. I have had to sort a few things out first.

Screw my head back was the first and 

get my perception of life back on track.

Blogging was fun and something I could do when I got home from work when my boyfriend wasn't around.

But it suddenly turned into one of these things:

If I didn't get a post out once a week I would feel less important as a 'blogger' and almost loose the status.

And the dreaded feeling of loosing less viewers each day because the content wasn't as good.

I didn't want blogging to be about that.

Many things in my personal life have flipped my world upside down this year and forced me to stop in my tracks, sit down and think rationally.

I am now thinking rationally and perfect fine :)

That's why I want to start a fresh.

2014 is going to be my year!

I am going to make it work for me 

and as my mum tells me:

'You have to rely on number one!'

My head is permanently screwed on and I am ready to rock and roll!

Yes it is a block of cheese.