31 May 2013

Easy French Manicure...

Hey guys...

I am blogging from my bed tonight

it's so cosy and much warmer than my lounge haha.

I may have 'accidently' slipped into Superdrug again

and 'accidently' purchased a considerable amount

Oh dear

It's a good thing I've just been paid.


I was thinking about other nail effects I could show you guys

and I thought about how much I struggled to get the hang of 

a french manicured finish at college

Then I purchased this today

and thought it might make doing it a bit easier

FYI - I don't practice looks before I do it, so sorry if it turns out a bit naff.

The thing with French finish .. you don't need longish nails

because it gives you that effect even if you bite your nails

you silly person. Hehe.

1. You've got to start of with clean unpolished nails

Mines aren't usually this long..

 Remember it's ok if you don't have any nail
as you can fill it in yourself

This is the natural nail colour I'm using

BarryM 125 in Pale Purple
which is a really nice colour on it's own. 

2. Using the BarryM Nail Pen in White, draw around your natural nail tip and a bit more if you like, but still making sure it looks natural.

 A little something like this
and my computer in the background on my comfy duvet

It's really easy to draw on.
You don't have to faff around with tape 
or making huge scruff marks on your skin.

3. Now using the natural Pale Purple colour paint two layers over the white polish.
Your white tips will show through and then can be used like a stencil.

First Coat

Second Coat

 See how it's like a stencil under the natural colour!

4. You must wait for the natural colour to dry
Then draw away
it is actually like using a felt tip 
so easy!

See how it covers up the pinkyness 

and the finished product...

One French Polish without the faff 
without the £30 salon fee

In the comfort of your own home.

Show me your try outs!
I'd love to see it.

Heather x

30 May 2013

Jack Wills Dandelion Review

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, at the weekend 
I went to Gunwharf

My local Outlet Shopping Centre

Had a clearance area, I picked up a pair of shorts for summer 

But to get the 50% off the shorts I had to buy something else

It could be anything I wanted

I had my eye on this Polish

Cause it's not your usual Pink or Blue or Purple

It's called Dandelion

And is a Yellowish Brownish colour


It drys quickly
It's a bit Bohemian
It was only £3.00


It's a bit watery 
And the colour reminds me of babypoop

Hope you had a lovely Half Term


25 May 2013

MUA Undressed Look...

This is the look I have created from my recent MUA purchases.

You can find other products I got in this look (here) 

Seeing as the MUA palette is £4 

It is fantastic quality
I was surprised how pigmented the colour was!!
I love it!

Oh and look out for Daniel and Whisky

The MUA Cosmetics used ...

BB Cream, Light Rose
A lot lighter than I thought it would be
and appears very shiny 

Eyeshadow, Undressed 
Three shades 
All Matte
and more pigmented than I thought it would be.

Lipstick, Shade 9 

And my new BarryM Eyeliner in Bold Gun Metal

All the other products I used in my 

Have a lovely weekend!


A cute fluffy dog to brighten your day :) x

22 May 2013

Planning my Weekend Wants! ...

I've decided it's time to take a trip to my home town of Portsmouth at the weekend!


Head to Gunwharf Quays


This place is so special to me,

only the second time a met Daniel we came here and walked along the stunning waterfront and sat on the beach,

but we have also celebrated my Grandads 80th here,

during the summer evening, you can sit outside of your favourite restaurant and watch and sea calm and the sunset over the water.

Can you tell this place means a lot to me!

Gunwharf is full of Outlet shops

Ted Baker
The Body Shop
Cath Kidston
Fat Face 
etc etc... 

you can see for yourself (here)

 My wish list:



 Have a lovely evening guys!


20 May 2013

Superdrug Haul...

At the weekend I may have sneaked into
Superdrug for a few bits and pieces.

They have a 3 for 2 deal at the moment

and to be honest

we all know it would be a bit rude if I didn't get some things!! 

The funny thing is, I was checking out the stuff to purchase,

I picked up 5 cosmetics (before realising the offer)

      Daniel sighed with relief once we got to the counter 

and the woman asked me if I want a 6th product for free!

Ehh Yes please!!

   So Daniel had to endure another 5-10 minutes of me making my mind up :) happy days.

 Goody bag! Full of ... Goodies!

 MUA BB All In One Beauty Balm
Light Rose - £4.00

BarryM Nail Art Pen
Black - £4.99

BarryM Waterproof Eyeliner
Bold Gun Metal - £3.99

  MUA Lipstick 
Shade 9 - £1.00

 MUA Eyeshadow Palette
 Undressed - £4.00

BarryM Gelly Nail Paint 
Pomegranate - £3.99

Hope you guys had a nice weekend too!

Until next time... 


18 May 2013

25 Facts About Me..

Do you want to get to know me a little better?

You better keep reading then...

1. My middle name is Kerry
2. I talk in my sleep
3. I dislike Rhubarb, I have never tried it but because of the program Rhubarb and Custard freaked me out!

4. My favourite colour is Green

5. I become typsy very quickly

6. When I was younger I wanted to be a Hotel manager like Basil Fawlty

7. My favourite Makeup is Eyeliner

8. I drink Black Coffee

9. I met Daniel on the 03/04/2009 for the first time, we got together on 04/04/2009 and have been together ever since! :)

10. The best sound in the world is either a Piano or Guitar

11. I sing out loud when I walk my dog

12. I drive a Honda Civic

13. I danced Ballet, Tap + Jazz for 13 years

14. I have OCD about CAPITAL LETTERS

15. I am opinionated

16. I like to prove people wrong

17. White Wine Please!

18. When I'm older I want a farm full of animals

19. I worked at the Olympics

20. I HATE programs like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea. They are ponsey twats

21. A Little Princess movie makes me cry without a doubt like a baby

22. The last band I saw live was BASTILLE
Greg James and Russell Kane were there and it was insane!!

23. I can't make mash potato

24. I dislike the sound of liquid pouring

25. I shout at Daniel in my sleep



17 May 2013

Friday Favourites Volume 2..

Today is a mixture of favourites
some of these I have had for years!

Honestly since I was like - 15, I'm now 23.

  001. Argos Theo Bed Frame - Chocolate 
a purchase for next month!

002. + 004. Urban Decay, Deluxe Shadow Box
this is the first palette I ever bought
and still love it.

You can see my look with this palette (here)

003. T Boy's Footy Boots
next to Daniels shoes to compare the size.

(my neighbours had a baby last week, it made me think about how big my boy is now. Yet he is still small and cute!)

005. I read about it in my InStyle Magazine
It's a new trend for nails called:


I'm gonna try it and let you guys know how I got on.

Have a lovely, chilled weekend!!


16 May 2013

Throwback Thursday to Age ...

I'm gonna take you guys back to
when I was 16
these were taken
before my little baby boy
was born.

How much I've changed.

I haven't stopped 
posing have I!! Haha.   

This green dress I never got :(
and that's my mum in the background

This is one of the first pictures of
me pregnant; before I knew!

Heather x