15 May 2013

My Work Wear.

I'm lucky as my work place have a 
smart casual dress code.

I regularly wear this outfit as 
it's summer(y) and keeps me warm.

 Flower top - Warehouse
White Jumper - River Island
Trousers - Marks and Spencer

 I don't wear a necklace usually because of the collar
I think it would be too much!

 NailsInc - My review and the colour can be found (here)

I also wear this outfit at the weekend with a beige pair of Primark Chino's.

I highly recommend, if you wear any patterned top
you do not wear heavy makeup

you will look like a clown.

My makeup today was as basic as it comes,

Eye Liner
Brow Liner
Lip stick. 
Oh and Blush.

Hope you had a good day at work!


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