7 May 2013

May Bank Holday.

What a weekend!


I am exhausted at the moment
for the past two weeks Taylor has been waking me 
in the middle of the night, from nightmares
or from feeling a little poorly.
So by Friday I was pretty knackered already.

I was tempted to Gym it, but didn't.

It wasn't a hard choice to make to be honest ;)
After picking Tinker up from school we went to the park
with one of his close friends.
I had a lovely natter with his mum and the kids played lovely.


One of these went past the playground,
and because it was set a little way back from the 
road, the boys couldn't see it.

Taylor exclaimed 
'Mummy I can hear the Church bells ringing.'

Oh Jesus Christ!

And not in a religious way!

Friday ended by us visiting the local beer festival for a while 
and Taylor barn dancing :) 
(I was informed at after school club today, he has been teaching the helpers how to do this!)


Brought Tinkers first football session for the 4-6 year olds.
 Seeing as Taylor hasn't properly played
football other than kicking it to us
in the back garden.
He was really good!

And he is an August baby so has much smaller legs than the others.
After this ordeal we took him for a Hot Chocolate at Caracoli.
 And ventured home for a while.

We (daniel&taylor) decided to camp at the beer festival
in the evening, and as I dislike camping
I somehow ended up doing it too.

Might I add
I hate camping.

Although it was a lovely setting. :)

Whisky looks weird. Haha.

 Mr Daniel and Me.

But the night as a whole was nice.
We got there about 6pm
 so had to rush putting the tent up

There was a bouncy castle for Taylor and
I got to have cuddles with a gorgeous puppy 
Shih Tzu


There was also a live local band
playing Rock music
which isn't really my thing but it added to the atmosphere.

During the night
I thought the pub was locked up 
and there was no portaloos
and I needed a wee.

So I was awake half the night
not only because we were only laid on duvets (no air beds) but I was
panicking because I couldn't bare the thought of peeing 
in a hedge
down my leg.

I got up anyway and thank heavens
the pub was unlocked.
 Although there was a weird group of people in the pub
and it smelt a little bit of weed!

At least I could wake up to this sight

And Taylor to the right of me and 
daniel to the left.


We woke up around 9:30 and started to pack away the tent
Jenny (daniels Mum) and Clive (daniels dad) brought us cooked breakfast from their home.
Like 5* camping.

We had to head straight home on hardly any sleep
(on my half, dan snored like a fog horn all night)
and get ready to meet my parents in town
for the monthly 
Retro and Vintage fair 

Basically it was vinyls for £7!
What a rip off.

We didn't get anything, but the boys headed to watch Chelsea play (whoever) 
And me, my mum and Taylor headed home to fix the house up a little.
And have girly gossip.

My parents stayed for dinner and a lovely chat.

Monday (Bank Holiday)

Daniel works Full Time in London
so I usually only see him from Thusday evening until Monday early morning.
We decided after having such a hectic weekend we would just chill.

BBQ and Pimms it was then!

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We had the view of these natural beauties

Whisky enjoying the sun
and Taylor digging holes in my mud.
As boys do!


Just leave the boys to do what they do best.

What a good weekend 

I hope yours was just as good as mine


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