30 April 2013

A mum blog post.

As I sit down for the first time today, with my Muller Corner Apple Pie yogurt - 
- still a bit gutted all the Eton Mess yogurts have run out!

My 5 year old is fed, watered and in bed.

I'm listening to Passenger - Let her go 

And I'm thinking about today

Waking up at silly o'clock and trying to get all 3
ready for the day ahead!

I am going to add that my son, is acting like a teenager!
I have to tickle and pull the covers off him, to get him up in the mornings now!

Where has it gone!!

Once all of us we're out the door
it took approx 3 minutes to cross the road.
To the other side to then walk to my car that 
has been painted in bird crap!
Thanks :)

 Dropped Taylor off with Jenny (Daniel's Mum)
who very kindly drops
the smelly one off at school
when I must head to work!

I jumped back in my car
drove to work
with a (going) flatter tyre
as the roads where I live contain a lot of potholes
I mean,

what am I paying car tax for!!

Head into work 
and have lovely 9-5 day with my colleagues.
Minus my vile tasting Tesco Finest Blackened Chicken Salad!

5pm comes around
I had to fill up my fuel tank at the local Shell garage 
I visited earlier at lunch time for food.

For not only the Cashier guy to charge me flaming
for a whole tank 
but ask me once again
if I would like to get a Nectar card.

'No thanks'

I said

'If you get 500 points you get to spend £2.50'

of which my reply was 

'Where does £2.50 get you these days'

He shut up!

 I want to add also, the cashiers 
are really odd
Person_One. Flirts with everyone.
Person_Two. Stares at your boobs.
Person_Three. Made comments about Cocaine. 

And they all ask about the sodding card I do not wish to get! 

I picked trouble up from After School Club
to find he has lost 
his drinks bottle


When we got in I started dinner 

Taylor decided it would be fun to be hyper at home
and run around like a lunatic
(why oh why) hit himself on the head
and kept jumping from the stairs on the sofa.
This therefore exciting the dog 
who also decided to be a bit of a lunny too.

When is there a glass of wine when you need one.

So I am now sat after a long day.
Chilling :) 




29 April 2013

Go manicure yourself!

While I write this blog today, I would like to add that my dog is being annoying and very distracting! As he and the dogs next door will not stop debating their views about the recent budget cuts at each other!

Yes I am talking about dogs!

I'm a bit odd like that!


The average cost of a high street manicure will be around £20/£30
depending on what it includes!

I will talk you through the step by step 
at home
mini manicure!
With bonus added pictures!! (as I do not like the sound of my voice in videos)


From left to right -
Cotton Pads 
Nail Polish Remover
Nail File
Nail Buffer
Cuticle Knife
Cuticle Clippers
Orange Stick
The Body Shop - Vitamin E Hand and Nail Cream
Barry M - Base and Top Coat
Rimmel London - Lasting Finish (Pear Drop)


  Before, polish chipped, dry cuticles etc...

Step 1

 Remove all traces of old polish
Tip: For quick erasing, hold pad on nail for 5 seconds, then wipe away excess.
It helps pull the paint off if you soak it!

Step 2

File your nails into shape.

Personally I like the Squoval shape.
The safest way to file is to swipe each movement towards the centre of the nail.
If you go back and forth and back
you can break down the nail fibres and damage them.

Step 3

Moisturisation is KEY when looking after your hands and nails.
Rub the cream or oil of your choice into the skin and showing special attention of the cuticles!

It is a manicure after all! 

Step 4

With the orange stick (you can buy from Boots) 
push back your cuticles on each finger.

Step 5

I think you can get Cuticle Knifes in Boots too.
The knife has to be on its side, but still able to scrape the cuticle away.
If not on it's side you can easily slip and it may cut you!

Step 6

To get the removal of those nasty cuticles 
you must clip!
I have cut myself a few times so be careful.
Just cut along the long side and remove any
extra skin on the sides of the nail.

Step 7

Once the cuticle work is finished 
you can buff the nail in a back and forth motion
so it creates a smooth platform for the paint 

you can also do it in this downward motion too.

Step 8

If you use remover again on the nails 
it will prolong the length the paint will stick!
This is because you are removing the oil or cream from before!
Without this step 
you can just imagine the paint slipping off within hours of applying!

Step 9

Using you base coat, add one layer onto the nail and leave it to dry.
Best application to cover the whole nail:
Paint a line down the centre of the nail
Another one side and another the other side.

 Sounds simple but a lot of people over coat,
and therefore it will never dry!

Step 10

This is what you have been waiting for!!

Using the same technique as above, paint the colour of your choice!
 Mine was Rimmel London, Pear Drop.

Make sure you let each layer dry before applying the next.
I always use two layers of colour. 

Don't forget to apply one layer of top coat when they have dried and ...

There we are!

At home manicure!


Live your life,
live your life
  Let that love inside
  It's your life,
 it's your life
  The beauty's deep inside,
 inside you



28 April 2013

Screw the diet today!

Big, Fat Chewy Cookies.


It's Sunday, there's nothing to do and we fancy a treat!

I am dieting this year
but every now and again
you/I need some indulgence!

  • 250g plain flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (we used Baking Powder and 1 Tablespoon)

  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 170g unsalted butter, melted
  • 200g dark brown soft sugar (I didn't have brown sugar so we used 300g of caster sugar)

  • 100g caster sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 325g chocolate chips
 Sift and Mix the Flour Salt and Baking Powder.

Cream together the melted butter and sugar.

Add the Vanilla Extract and Eggs.

Add the Flour mixture.

Add the Chocolate (we used Smarties, chopped chocolate bars and Mini Eggs)

Ours took 30 minutes baking in the oven at 170 C.


They're hard on the outside and gooey in the middle!

Have fun!


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27 April 2013

The Body Shop Treatment

The Vitamin E treatment.

When I've blogged previously 
my favorite products we're
I still use Simple Toner and Cleanser from time to time.

But I tried 

The Body Shop 
Vitamin E Brand

It's really delicate, has a nice consistency and most importantly it all works!


This is the Hand and Nail Treatment
If you get very dry hands and nails 
this is perfect!

It moisturises your hands without making it greasy.
Some hand creams can also leave a residue and take forever to soak in but this doesn't do any of that!

The Vitamin E Cleanser is thick and creamy.
It would be really good for people with dry skin.
Is gentle and leaves your skin soft!  

The Vitamin E Moisturising Day Cream 

Is light and soaks in quickly 
and is great for if you are about to put makeup on! 

The only problem I have
it's only 50ml which is really small 
and for that size it is £10
which is a little too pricey for the size!    

Moringa Body Scrub

This last product I have been using for a while now and can't get enough of it!

I would not recommend you do this 
but I use this as an exfoliator for the face.

 It smells nice and is perfect to use with self tan! 

Another reason I love The Body Shop 
They are Against Animal Testing
Support Community Fair Trade
Activate Self Esteem 
Defend Human Rights
Protect The Plant

This is Only My Opinion


26 April 2013

It's flown by!

It's crazy how much happens in a year!

By the end of July after seeing Coldplay in June, me and my boyfriend worked at the London Olympic Games.
It was so many different things, at times it was exhausting, then it would be fun the next, and brought out so many different emotions.

Daniel (boyfriend) was working with the Games makers, all the people dressed like this - 

Whereas I worked for G4S in the security side of things dressed like this - 
I know what your thinking!

How attractive!!!

I was based at the O2 Arena and Daniel was at Wimbledon.

 I was working 12 hour shifts on the hottest week of the year, outside with barely any shelter.

After a few days in the sun I was placed on night shifts.

I have never been so exhausted! I struggled to sleep during the day and it felt like jet lag without the amazing holiday to go with it! 

However it was an experience I am never going to forget
and I have met some lovely people from doing it!

August 2012 brought moving day to my household as i moved from the North to the South of England!

Most of my family live in the South and seeing as I have been a hardened Northern for 20 years i thought it was about time I lived a bit closer to home!

I also finally threw together the Coldplay amateur video which you can see here -