27 April 2013

The Body Shop Treatment

The Vitamin E treatment.

When I've blogged previously 
my favorite products we're
I still use Simple Toner and Cleanser from time to time.

But I tried 

The Body Shop 
Vitamin E Brand

It's really delicate, has a nice consistency and most importantly it all works!


This is the Hand and Nail Treatment
If you get very dry hands and nails 
this is perfect!

It moisturises your hands without making it greasy.
Some hand creams can also leave a residue and take forever to soak in but this doesn't do any of that!

The Vitamin E Cleanser is thick and creamy.
It would be really good for people with dry skin.
Is gentle and leaves your skin soft!  

The Vitamin E Moisturising Day Cream 

Is light and soaks in quickly 
and is great for if you are about to put makeup on! 

The only problem I have
it's only 50ml which is really small 
and for that size it is £10
which is a little too pricey for the size!    

Moringa Body Scrub

This last product I have been using for a while now and can't get enough of it!

I would not recommend you do this 
but I use this as an exfoliator for the face.

 It smells nice and is perfect to use with self tan! 

Another reason I love The Body Shop 
They are Against Animal Testing
Support Community Fair Trade
Activate Self Esteem 
Defend Human Rights
Protect The Plant

This is Only My Opinion


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