30 August 2013

River Island OOTD


which I am in love with!  

Aztec Jumpsuit
Primark White Tee
Primark Sunnies
&Primark cut out Black Pumps 

This is the perfect outfit for the beach, at home or abroad and perfect for wearing a cute bikini underneath.

The material is quite rough and very lightweight 
and super comfortable.

My sunnies above are Primark.
I like big glasses, I don't do things in halves!

Makeup, very minimal, nude lip and smokey brown eye.

The whole outfit, minus makeup only adds up to £30!
Bargain I'd say!

Let me know what want to see next?

27 August 2013

Raspberry Picking...


Something I used to enjoy doing with my parents as a teenager was strawberry picking, the joy of choosing your own fruit and taking them home as goodies at the end of it.
Me and Dan have never taken Taylor before and I have been desperate to take him all summer holidays.
Now it's almost over, (one more week) with my little man we are going to make it last.

I also think it is very important for children in general to learn where fruit comes from and how you get it. 
We also learnt today that Raspberry bushes attract lots of Wasps and Queen Bees, and are prickley!

But so long as they are having lots of fun, it doesn't matter. 
It makes fruit fun! :)

 After searching Google this morning (very last minute as usual) for a local Strawberry picking area we found our farm!

It's been such a beautiful day for this so the shorts were out and the cardigans were left at home!

Unfortunatly when we arrived there were no Strawberries ready to be picked.  
Raspberries, Blackberries & Blueberries 
were to be picked for the EYLES/MASTERMAN crew today!

Making our way to the bushes to start harvesting.

They have 3 sizes of punnets 

we went for the 1/2 and would go back for more if we fancied it!


T Mans top from Primark says 
'Mum thinks she's in charge - (back) but really it's me'

This is not a fact!

Seeing as this is his first fruit picking session, he did really well,
we had a little bit of complaining from the prickly parts of the branch but thoroughly enjoyed it! 

I really recommend it!

I even tried this picking fruit malarkey!

This farm also grew vegetables, from spinach to carrots
which daniel and taylor are trying to pull out themselves.

There were quite a few rude ones lying around! Hehe.

Lots and lots of berries!

We headed to the farm shop and looked at all the exotic condiments they had to offer!

Olives, marmalades and sauces!

We took away two corn on the cobs, which taste far better than Tesco's!

Now I think £3.70 for a huge punnet of berries and two corn on the cobs is a bargain!

I recommend this place for anyone it was a lovely afternoon out!


25 August 2013


Yesterday was the #southamptonmeetup at the Orange Rooms!
Arranged by the lovely @hannahbeeblog 

This was my first blogger meet up, and I'm so glad I went along!

I met the most lovely people there and now have many 'go to' blogs and lots of reading material! 

My day started off a little like this:

Flick indeed! I decided to dress my hair in the  
'beached' 'wavey' effect.

My outfit from the meet up you can see

After the short drive to Southampton, I got a little lost as driving in town is quite crazyyyy!

The Orange Rooms is a really nice bar. And we had a whole corner of it.

This was behind me:

And this was in front of me:

Cupcakes of course!
And Diet Coke.

Leanne from OhThatCurl
brought along some Henna products and tons of us got to have a lovely design, unfortunatly I didn't get a picture of any :(

But as you can see we had a great time, meeting for the first time and others catching up!

I can't wait for the next one!


''Only a bit, because I like to keep my life private and protect my son.''

''Because I've just completed 2 years of Beauty Therapy and thought I could give people skin care advice. Plus I like talking about products''

This necklace 
was made by 

Paige Joanna 

The flower she has dried and pressed herself.

It's stunning! 

Loads of goodies to be trying out and blogging about soon to come!

Keep a look out for my John Freida Frizz Ease Review

up soon!

24 August 2013

Southampton Meet Up OOTD

Today was the first blogger event/meet up I've been to!

#southamptonmeetup hosted by the lovely @hannahbeeblog

The dilemma of 'what to wear?!' 
was definatly crossing my mind!

Some of the clothes in this OOTD are so old you may not be able to purchase, however you can swap and change for different ideas.

The slight tan on my arms is Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion
 which I've been using after exfoliating in the shower for a few days now and it has build up the most natural, 'to die for' tan.

AllSaints Tee - Outlet price £15

River Island Boyfriend Jeans - very old, can't remember the price

Primark Metal Necklace - £1

River Island Mink Colour Wedges - £20

BarryM Gelly Nail Paint - Pomegrante 

River Island Midi Ring - £2

My #southamptonmeetup post will be up tomorrow, lots of pictures and goodies were taken! :)

20 August 2013

TAG: My First Time

The First Time Tag has arrived on my virtual 'doorstep'! 

Now, some of you may still be thinking this is a Tag of the sexual variety,

it is not! Far from it!

The First Time Tag, are my firsts of 
life in general!  

I have been tagged by EmmaBelleFashion 

1. You must share the following firsts and give the story or context behind them.   2. You must tag 10 other bloggers to do this tag.   3. No tag backs.
First Best Friend:
 My first best friend was Lisa in Primary School, I would get dropped off in the morning at her house so we could walk together. 
Those were the days when talking in person was acceptable and not all over Text and Twitter. Happy Days :)
 First Concert:
 I went to see Muse in Birmingham with my Dad, Brother and his Girlfriend. It was a good gig and still one(of many) of the best I've been too!

First Celebrity Crush:
 I have a feeling this is everyone elses 'Firsts' 
Calvin from S Club 8
I had their poster up on my wall and kissed it every night before bed! Yes I was a sad lonely child. Haha.
First Word:
 I think it was 'Dada' as my Mum always told me, she would sit with me saying 'Say Mama, go on say Mama' and I came out with Dada.
First Job: 
As a young child/teenager I attended Kumon  
Out of School Maths and English Club
After a while of nagging the Manager she gave me a job of marking the work and taking the money. 

First Phone:
 Get this kids! (I sound like an oldy) 

It wasn't a touch screen, didn't have colour and had no internet!
I think it was a Nokia however I don't remember the exact one, it had tiny buttons though.

First Tweet:
Something about using a new Chanel Toner! Wow exciting!
My latest tweets now HERE!

First Makeup:
I think it was a misjudged Foundation and too much Red Blusher.
Dancing from time to time on the stage as a youngster we had to apply over the top makeup so it would show through the harsh lighting.
I tag:

13 August 2013

My Lipstick Collection

Hey Guys!

If your in need of some inspiration for what colour to buy the next time your in town, then keep reading.

Unfortunately I'm not brave when it comes to Lippys and generally go for the Nudes or much Calmer colours. However if you can suggest some you like I may branch out!

Just a quick disclaimer - My collection has been building up over the last 3 years, these have either been given to me for christmas/birthdays and other than that I have bought with my own pennies.

Right lets start!


 Other than the first colour, I wear these on a daily basis. A brown smokey eye or minimal makeup really match these colours.

The first colour I wear on a night out/date night.

These are my favourite / everyday colours that I would wear to work or out on a date. They are very versatile and inexpensive. The colours do not dry out and also look perfect blended into the lip to create a stained effect.

The last three are a mixture of likes/loves and dislike.
The BarryM Lipstick in 147 is a lovely Coral colour however it is extremely dry and it shows when you wear it.

However the Kate Moss colour is my go to colour right now!
Literally wearing it everyday!

The Maxfactor lipstick is more of a shimmery balm as you can see above, and gives a lovely pop of colour and shine to your lips.

Leave me your favourite lipsticks in the comments below and you can inspire me! :)

8 August 2013

Pet Tag.. You're All Tagged!

I love this Tag it must be the  
cutest thing to see on blogs!

My Puppy means so much to me

he gets his own little post.

We are also going to start up his own Twitter

I'm warning you now!

He moans a lot, about politics 

his ex wife 

and his alcoholic problems (the pub not being open!)

*I don't actually let my dog drink alcohol you silly person thinking it might be true!*

Meet Whisky

 Whisky don't be rude, wake up and say hello.

This is one of the normal daily faces of Whisky.
He's a very dopey bear!
Cutey pants!

Such a tough life.

Oh there we go, Hello little one!

Right! Lets get on with this...

1. What is your pet's name?

2. What kind of pet is it and what breed?
We think he is a Cross Norfolk and Norwich Terrier
 3. How long have you had your pet friend?
Since January 7th 2010
4. How did you get your pet? 
Well, we told Whisky he was brought to us by a stork at night and left on our doorstep.
However we got him from a Rescue Centre near Lincoln.
5. How old is your pet? 
We don't know :( I think he might be around 5/6 cause he's still a bit puppish
Look at that innocent face, trying to be the Sheriff about town

6. What are some quirky things about your pet's personality?
He's a clumsy, very loving, very friendly character. I love that he is extremely protective over my son Taylor who is almost 6.
He is such a cuddly creature and will even sit next to you when there is no room left! He has a big bottom that lands right on your lap.

7. What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
It means everything, before I had Whisk I couldn't understand the relationship you create but he is just like a big brother for Taylor.
8. What are some of your favourite pastimes with your pet? 
One of my most favourite being, 
After picking him up from the rescue centre we took him straight home, he was scared and had little personality. As soon as we closed the door he changed and ran round the room like a mad man! He was happy to be home, where he belonged all along.
9. What are some nicknames you call your pet?  
Are you ready for this??
Whisky noodle
Whisky poodle
Smith - started responding to this
Whisky Waffles Harry Boris Masterman
Trusty Steed
Mr W
 Little Bear

this is only a few of them!

  I tag you all in this post, let me know 
Twitter - @heatherEYLES
Can't wait to see your gorgeous pets too!