20 August 2013

TAG: My First Time

The First Time Tag has arrived on my virtual 'doorstep'! 

Now, some of you may still be thinking this is a Tag of the sexual variety,

it is not! Far from it!

The First Time Tag, are my firsts of 
life in general!  

I have been tagged by EmmaBelleFashion 

1. You must share the following firsts and give the story or context behind them.   2. You must tag 10 other bloggers to do this tag.   3. No tag backs.
First Best Friend:
 My first best friend was Lisa in Primary School, I would get dropped off in the morning at her house so we could walk together. 
Those were the days when talking in person was acceptable and not all over Text and Twitter. Happy Days :)
 First Concert:
 I went to see Muse in Birmingham with my Dad, Brother and his Girlfriend. It was a good gig and still one(of many) of the best I've been too!

First Celebrity Crush:
 I have a feeling this is everyone elses 'Firsts' 
Calvin from S Club 8
I had their poster up on my wall and kissed it every night before bed! Yes I was a sad lonely child. Haha.
First Word:
 I think it was 'Dada' as my Mum always told me, she would sit with me saying 'Say Mama, go on say Mama' and I came out with Dada.
First Job: 
As a young child/teenager I attended Kumon  
Out of School Maths and English Club
After a while of nagging the Manager she gave me a job of marking the work and taking the money. 

First Phone:
 Get this kids! (I sound like an oldy) 

It wasn't a touch screen, didn't have colour and had no internet!
I think it was a Nokia however I don't remember the exact one, it had tiny buttons though.

First Tweet:
Something about using a new Chanel Toner! Wow exciting!
My latest tweets now HERE!

First Makeup:
I think it was a misjudged Foundation and too much Red Blusher.
Dancing from time to time on the stage as a youngster we had to apply over the top makeup so it would show through the harsh lighting.
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