22 May 2012

What is this strange thing in the sky!

It's Mid May and we finally have the SUN

 It seems as though we've had 
the longest Winter!!

This is something I want to get used to
please stay!!

I was at work on Saturday (BOOO!)
Working as a cold caller is soo much fun!!

So anyway I was working on Saturday, 10-2
 the weather was miserable 
and what's make it worse 
is the whole office 
minus me
were talking about depressing things
like not having enough money to do things 
(fair does, but there's a time and a place)
and about ex partners
and about death!!

I mean what the fudge!

I know that working in a Call Centre is bad
but please!!
I'm 22 years of age I don't want to be brought down
by you depressing words!

They are lovely people that I work with and it is generally
a really nice place to come and work
 but all I could think was 
If you'd gone to Uni or studied further 
then you obviously wouldnt be in this dive would you?!

RANT OVER!! hehehe




20 May 2012

I'm applying for University late!

I swear everything I do is a spur of the moment.
Last year I wasn't going to apply for Beauty NVQ3
And in the last week I decided why not!

It is mid May and I have applied to UCAS to hopefully attend 
UCA in Farnham this September coming.

This is crazy!
But I get such a high of last moment things.

I am applying for 
BA (Hons) Digital Film and Screen Arts

As I will be a Mature Student (at 22!!)
Hardly old am I
I have to create a portfolio of work
This has to include the obvious
Anything arty really 
I'm pulling together 
A short film
Just to try and show off ;)

I already have the idea of it and because of certain places I will be visiting
 i.e. Coldplay concert
 in the next month it will fit in perfectly

 It is about a couple that fall in love 
At the moment I am listening
to music that I think will fit
as my film will not hold any audio
the music has to make it!!

I already have-
Hans Zimmer
Sigur Ros
Cinematic Orchestra
Ludoivico Einaudi
as choices!

And another thing is I can't edit the music either as I do not know how?!
So it has to be perfect! 

Have a look at some of my work and let me know what you think!


14 May 2012

I don't know what the title should be...

I'm currently studying at college and thank god I didn't drop out last year...

College text me month's ago blabbing on about working at the Olympic's

Opportunity for students who will be 18 by 1/7/12.... blah .... blah... before 16:30 today ... blah

I sort of thought, whatever I want to enjoy my break off from waxing people's sweaty underarm's and ignored it.

Weeks later

Our tutor was reading out the 'weekly updates' basically telling us the canteen is now serving more overpriced disguisting shit, that I end up eating anyway!

So she started talking about Bridging the Gap and explaining how some people out of the other group went along to a presentation regarding working at the Olympics 2012.

Bridging the Gap is basically a fantastic organisation to get young people into the working industry specifically the Security business.
They pay for our training etc.. and it is only aimed at young adults still studying.

Then comes the exciting part, (my mind was on the usual mute setting) when I heard 'You can earn up to £4,300' 


£4,300 that's like insane money to me!
 But to possibly be earning this 
for a max of 6 weeks work!

So I and 3 others have been through most of the training to become Door Supervisor's and are awaiting to hear back from our interview's

 ... pretty exciting :D 

This is an opportunity of a LIFETIME
If only there were more companies with a passion for young people and helping them achieve goals they never thought possible.
I've always wanted to make a difference to the world and hopefully with this experience 
it will boost my future career (whatever this may be) and make me achieve my dreams.



13 May 2012

So how about your skin type?

The facts, there are 4 main skin types 
We have -

Some people then add on Combination but personally that is just a mixture of the above list and can't be classed as a different one?! 
The additions are

Before I started College studying Beauty Therapy I didn't understand skin types fully and I didn't even know what you did with Cleansers and Toners. 

Lets start with Normal -

You will find that there is no excess oil
Your skin will not dry easily 
 Will not react badly to harsh products 

If this is your skin type you can use any products, lotions, oils, gels exfoliators etc.. you get the point!

Dry -

You will find flaking on the surface of your skin when is at it's worst
It may have a rough texture
May be slightly sensitive 

Dry skin means your skin has a lack of oil.
This doesn't mean smoother your face in olive oil! 
But try to find an oil based Cleanser and you may find it helps.
Another point is with Dry skin it is important to exfoliate and obviously Moisturise.

Oily - 

There will be a general shiny appearance 
Your pores may be larger and more visible

As you may know Oily skin means there is excess oil
For this I recommend you avoid Oil based products like the Plague!!
Also Toner will be good as this helps reduce the appearance of pores.
Witch Hazel products may help as well

Sensitive - 

If you have this skin type I'm guessing you will already know about it
The skins surface has a very red appearance 
Any different products used to the skin you may react badly with

The products worth using should be perfume free!
Avoid harsh exfoliants as this may hurt

Dehydrated and Mature are types more effected by your lifestyle rather than what is natural.

Dehydrated -

If you are surrounded by air conditioned systems this can bring on dehydration
This is not a lack of oil it is more lack of hydration, a simple change of drinking more water could make a difference. 
Appearance can be as simple as when the skin is pushed it creates a orange peel effect.
   Mature -

This is a natural progression for our skin 
Prevention is key! Don't smoke and don't drink too much!
It's as simple as that! 

The whole prevention of wrinkles does start when your younger the more you look after your skin now, it will pay you back when your older.
I hope this helps :)