14 May 2012

I don't know what the title should be...

I'm currently studying at college and thank god I didn't drop out last year...

College text me month's ago blabbing on about working at the Olympic's

Opportunity for students who will be 18 by 1/7/12.... blah .... blah... before 16:30 today ... blah

I sort of thought, whatever I want to enjoy my break off from waxing people's sweaty underarm's and ignored it.

Weeks later

Our tutor was reading out the 'weekly updates' basically telling us the canteen is now serving more overpriced disguisting shit, that I end up eating anyway!

So she started talking about Bridging the Gap and explaining how some people out of the other group went along to a presentation regarding working at the Olympics 2012.

Bridging the Gap is basically a fantastic organisation to get young people into the working industry specifically the Security business.
They pay for our training etc.. and it is only aimed at young adults still studying.

Then comes the exciting part, (my mind was on the usual mute setting) when I heard 'You can earn up to £4,300' 


£4,300 that's like insane money to me!
 But to possibly be earning this 
for a max of 6 weeks work!

So I and 3 others have been through most of the training to become Door Supervisor's and are awaiting to hear back from our interview's

 ... pretty exciting :D 

This is an opportunity of a LIFETIME
If only there were more companies with a passion for young people and helping them achieve goals they never thought possible.
I've always wanted to make a difference to the world and hopefully with this experience 
it will boost my future career (whatever this may be) and make me achieve my dreams.



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