22 May 2012

What is this strange thing in the sky!

It's Mid May and we finally have the SUN

 It seems as though we've had 
the longest Winter!!

This is something I want to get used to
please stay!!

I was at work on Saturday (BOOO!)
Working as a cold caller is soo much fun!!

So anyway I was working on Saturday, 10-2
 the weather was miserable 
and what's make it worse 
is the whole office 
minus me
were talking about depressing things
like not having enough money to do things 
(fair does, but there's a time and a place)
and about ex partners
and about death!!

I mean what the fudge!

I know that working in a Call Centre is bad
but please!!
I'm 22 years of age I don't want to be brought down
by you depressing words!

They are lovely people that I work with and it is generally
a really nice place to come and work
 but all I could think was 
If you'd gone to Uni or studied further 
then you obviously wouldnt be in this dive would you?!

RANT OVER!! hehehe




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