6 June 2012

Hold your hand up if you enjoy 
LIVE LOUD music!

Yes indeedy I love loud music, whether it be at home
or in a stadium.

Boyfriend's Mum
Boyfriend's Cousin
were very lucky to watch COLDPLAY
live at the Emirates stadium on Monday.
And may I say WWWWOOOWWWWW!!

 Rita Ora was one of the warm up acts she was brilliant live!
then came on Robyn
Not especially my cup of tea but still fantastic

Then Coldplay made the entrance!
We were all given
 This to put on our wrists
Which during the show would then look like this

It really was such a good night. 
 It is highly recommended that next time they are touring

On another note
I was doing some filming on my ickle 
Nikon camera
for the small film I'm doing to hopefully join UCA 
 I captured a lot of the concert 
which I'm pretty happy with :)

Before the concert we ventured to Covent Garden
and saw some street acts performing various  
circus or magic tricks
As we were walking along I could hear someone 
with an acoustic guitar (my favourite sound)
singing Coldplay - The Scientist
The bells in my brain started think I would 
love to get this into my film.

I sort of 'casually' ran over before he finished.

See for yourself!!
This isn't what I filmed 
as what I filmed somehow got deleted!
I was gutted!!

But a whole day of beautiful music 
Is all I need 


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