20 May 2012

I'm applying for University late!

I swear everything I do is a spur of the moment.
Last year I wasn't going to apply for Beauty NVQ3
And in the last week I decided why not!

It is mid May and I have applied to UCAS to hopefully attend 
UCA in Farnham this September coming.

This is crazy!
But I get such a high of last moment things.

I am applying for 
BA (Hons) Digital Film and Screen Arts

As I will be a Mature Student (at 22!!)
Hardly old am I
I have to create a portfolio of work
This has to include the obvious
Anything arty really 
I'm pulling together 
A short film
Just to try and show off ;)

I already have the idea of it and because of certain places I will be visiting
 i.e. Coldplay concert
 in the next month it will fit in perfectly

 It is about a couple that fall in love 
At the moment I am listening
to music that I think will fit
as my film will not hold any audio
the music has to make it!!

I already have-
Hans Zimmer
Sigur Ros
Cinematic Orchestra
Ludoivico Einaudi
as choices!

And another thing is I can't edit the music either as I do not know how?!
So it has to be perfect! 

Have a look at some of my work and let me know what you think!


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