30 April 2013

A mum blog post.

As I sit down for the first time today, with my Muller Corner Apple Pie yogurt - 
- still a bit gutted all the Eton Mess yogurts have run out!

My 5 year old is fed, watered and in bed.

I'm listening to Passenger - Let her go 

And I'm thinking about today

Waking up at silly o'clock and trying to get all 3
ready for the day ahead!

I am going to add that my son, is acting like a teenager!
I have to tickle and pull the covers off him, to get him up in the mornings now!

Where has it gone!!

Once all of us we're out the door
it took approx 3 minutes to cross the road.
To the other side to then walk to my car that 
has been painted in bird crap!
Thanks :)

 Dropped Taylor off with Jenny (Daniel's Mum)
who very kindly drops
the smelly one off at school
when I must head to work!

I jumped back in my car
drove to work
with a (going) flatter tyre
as the roads where I live contain a lot of potholes
I mean,

what am I paying car tax for!!

Head into work 
and have lovely 9-5 day with my colleagues.
Minus my vile tasting Tesco Finest Blackened Chicken Salad!

5pm comes around
I had to fill up my fuel tank at the local Shell garage 
I visited earlier at lunch time for food.

For not only the Cashier guy to charge me flaming
for a whole tank 
but ask me once again
if I would like to get a Nectar card.

'No thanks'

I said

'If you get 500 points you get to spend £2.50'

of which my reply was 

'Where does £2.50 get you these days'

He shut up!

 I want to add also, the cashiers 
are really odd
Person_One. Flirts with everyone.
Person_Two. Stares at your boobs.
Person_Three. Made comments about Cocaine. 

And they all ask about the sodding card I do not wish to get! 

I picked trouble up from After School Club
to find he has lost 
his drinks bottle


When we got in I started dinner 

Taylor decided it would be fun to be hyper at home
and run around like a lunatic
(why oh why) hit himself on the head
and kept jumping from the stairs on the sofa.
This therefore exciting the dog 
who also decided to be a bit of a lunny too.

When is there a glass of wine when you need one.

So I am now sat after a long day.
Chilling :) 




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