3 May 2013

Friday Favourites!

I have been away for a few days 

as I work 
on a 

So I thought I would share my
favourite things I've been using this week.

Some of these things I've had for a while
so I can't remember where I got them from.

I also don't really agree 
with getting a new coat every winter
or new Sunnys every summer!


 I think my first favourite
will be everyone's too.

My oversized Sunglasses!
The weather has suddenly turned beautiful!

Although, I keep forgetting them 
before jumping in my car.


I love this fragrance!
It's so delicate
and doesn't wear off!

I wore it for work this week,
and the whole day I could smell it!


 This little beauty is a firm favvy of mine.
 Rimmel London
Exaggerate Full Colour Lip liner
063 Eastend Snob 

I line the outer part of my lips
and gradually colour into the centre.
Smudge the colour with my finger
and add a tiny bit of clear Vaseline.

Job Done!


My eyebrow liner is a god send to me.
As a young kid, I used to sit at school
and pluck my eyebrows
(not properly, like all of them!)

And so my eyebrows are a bit patchy
It's not obvious but I can see it.

I use this with a angled brush and only fill them in
so they frame my eyes.

Amazing Eyes Pencil
10 Brown


   If I could only take one 
beauty product to a deserted island 
it would be this!
(and a sharpener)

It's a lovely deep colour and slides on really nicely.

I was a bit skeptical about TOPSHOP
doing a makeup range
but this is perfect!


5 Firm Favourites on a Friday!


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  1. Keep the sunglasses in a door pocket of the car?