18 May 2013

25 Facts About Me..

Do you want to get to know me a little better?

You better keep reading then...

1. My middle name is Kerry
2. I talk in my sleep
3. I dislike Rhubarb, I have never tried it but because of the program Rhubarb and Custard freaked me out!

4. My favourite colour is Green

5. I become typsy very quickly

6. When I was younger I wanted to be a Hotel manager like Basil Fawlty

7. My favourite Makeup is Eyeliner

8. I drink Black Coffee

9. I met Daniel on the 03/04/2009 for the first time, we got together on 04/04/2009 and have been together ever since! :)

10. The best sound in the world is either a Piano or Guitar

11. I sing out loud when I walk my dog

12. I drive a Honda Civic

13. I danced Ballet, Tap + Jazz for 13 years

14. I have OCD about CAPITAL LETTERS

15. I am opinionated

16. I like to prove people wrong

17. White Wine Please!

18. When I'm older I want a farm full of animals

19. I worked at the Olympics

20. I HATE programs like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea. They are ponsey twats

21. A Little Princess movie makes me cry without a doubt like a baby

22. The last band I saw live was BASTILLE
Greg James and Russell Kane were there and it was insane!!

23. I can't make mash potato

24. I dislike the sound of liquid pouring

25. I shout at Daniel in my sleep




  1. Wow! I would love to see Bastille live I bet they would be amazing! As for the getting tipsy easily... me too!! ;) xx

  2. Hey Faye, yeah they were great!! A must see!
    As for the typsyness, it's literally one glass of anything haha. xx