13 May 2013

It's Monday!

Monday is upon us once again.
It is only 10:30 as I start to write this
and it already feels like I've done a lot this morning!

I have just got back from walking the dog.

(Hush - LL Cool J, just came on my Ipod - TUNE! haha) 

I may be a bit bias but isn't he just the cutest!

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful field 
to walk in everyday.
Whisky is our cross Terrier,
he was a rescue dog 
we got in January 2011 

We have been told and think he is a cross between
   Norfolk Terrier 
because of this ONE floppy ear
and his colouring

but he is also a crossed with  
 With a Norwich Terrier

Because of his crazy fluff and ONE pointy ear.

I really wish we knew what happened to him before.
But I'd like to think we have changed his life 
We don't even know his age.
The lady at the rescue centre didn't know a thing about him.
 We brought him home and he wasn't house trained, was disobedient and humped everything!

Where as now he is a fussy little monkey
He won't sit on the sofa unless there is a blanket
He now refuses to sleep in his own bed,
he would much rather get squashed in between me and Dan.

     But that's Whisky for you!


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