8 May 2013


Today I wanted to blog about 
nail wraps.

But I remembered this advert,
one of my colleagues watched at work the other week.

They kept asking me if I've seen it yet, me_ thinking it would be tedious and cheesy!

Honestly Watch it.

It's so inspirational to women everywhere.

All women from time to time will believe they have an 'ugly' feature or something they would change about themselves.

The only reason this occurs is because, we as women believe 
everyone is against us.
Whether it's a boy that doesn't text you back, or a woman that gives you a funny look in the street. 
I could blog about anything today.
Anything at all!

But I'm deciding to talk about this!

Everyone has scars, whether they are visible or not!
I do.
Who doesn't!

But you have to forget about them!

The women in this advert perceive themselves to be, rounder, or more wrinkly.

When they are far from it.

We have to stop looking at ourselves in this way.

People in the street will always (mis)judge you because we are human. It is what we do, subconsciously or not.

But you shouldn't take any notice of it!
You are built the way you are meant to be.

I'm not a God believer.

So I shall say you are built from your families genes.  
Half from your Mum
Half from your Dad
and little pieces
of other family members.

Yet you would never call your family ugly
so don't do it to yourself!

Us as women certainly look in the mirror enough,
 but I don't think we actually take a look 
at what is there.

Next time you look, point out to yourself
your good points.

And remember them!


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