10 May 2013

Friday Favourites. Volume 1

Thank fudge it's friday.
This week has been manic,

what with my busy May Bank Holiday
you can read about it here ^

Then a busy week at work and trying
to organise myself 

But today is friday 
and is the day I share my favvy
things of the week with you guys :)

These wedges from Zara are so cute!

They are a favourite although I haven't got them.
Maybe it should be put in a wish list.

Following the fashion favourites
my next is a bargain I got from Primark.
You can just ignore my stupid posing face.

This top is from Primark
I really liked the light feel of it 
and it also fits nicely with a tan coloured belt round the waist. 

Although in between the PeterPan collar
there was some string, to make a bow.

I chopped it off
it looked ridiculous.
I got this top for £3

At the moment 
Magazines are giving
away some goodies!

I got the Nails Inc Polish
'It's red, babez'
Usually worth £11
 I haven't tried it out yet but because it's a bargain
and looks like a nice colour
it is a favourite.

My lovely friend from college, got the Benefit Mascara in the Elle magazine.
She is a makeup artist on Youtube that you can see right here - DazzleDust08 

My new book.
That I read before bed.
(what I mean by that is, 
I read two pages
fall asleep
wake up half way through the night
and put it back)

I also read a while back, 
The Midwifes Confession
by the same author 
and it is a very good read!

     My last favourite is my 
River Island 
It's looks stunning with a Bohemia
full length dress 
or skirt.
I like to wear it with my mustard coloured one.

Well here's to another good week.

I am now off to walk my dog in the rain. :)



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