8 November 2011

You know..

How we all get spots from time to time,

Well there may be a solution!

There are 3 points you must know about:

  1. You must have a daily/nightly skin routine!
  2. You must find a really good green concealer!
  3. Find a foundation that has NO SPF!
And there are all these silly products that say, 'Use one day and the next day your spot will be gone!'

I dont believe this at allllll!
Spots go by looking after your skin for a much, much longer period...

To be honest the first point is the only one which will banish your spots to infinity, but the other two points will help cover up!

So lets start with point number one -

Facial Routines are essential, you must know what skin type you are (I will blog later about identifying your own) this is because if you used the opposite products on your face you could make your oily skin more oily or your dry skin more dry!

I've tried allsorts of products, Clearasil Wipes, Neutrogena, face packs from Boots etc...

And they we're all fine but the one I have stuck with has to be -
It's good, it's cheap and it works!

All you really need is a Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.
That is a simple facial you can add to that by using exfoliators, face masks and eye creams - but that is entirely your choice.

Point number two:
Are you feeling a bit like this?

Yes I did too, until I was told about it!

Green concealor is a cover up for redness and spots on the face.

You see the colour wheel shows us the opposite colours that will cancel each other out!

So where you get this magical concealor from eh?

Now this is where I get a bit annoyed...
Most makeup counters do not sell this, I don't know why and think it's a bit silly because this to me is a must have!

Never fear... there are some online, that you can buy:

Virgin Vie - Tried, tested and very good.
Gosh - Not tried yet but do let me know.
No 7 - Tried, tested not very good - leaves streaks on your face!

These are the only online or in store products I know, are not too difficult to buy or find.

Finally point number 3:

See this is a difficult one, because you should wear SPF foundations to protect your skin from the sun.

But for this reason I say not to because it will leave you with a shiny face - Minus powder etc.. - and this can emphasise your spots even more so.

So it is completely up to you :)

I will leave you to test and try, love or hate but have fun doing it!


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