15 September 2013

Autumn Wishlist ...

Autumn has most certainly begun in England,

the first leaf I saw fell a couple of days ago,

Taylor (my son) is back to school,

and it's getting chilly and darker in the evenings.

I have been laid on the sofa most of the weekend as I have a stinking cold and headache.
So as you do, I have been window shopping the internet.

This seasons high street has some very exciting pieces, I'm really looking forward to getting home.


My perfect combo for a casual day out, early Christmas shopping or going out for a meal.

I would certainly get a 
cardigan and wooly pair of tights 
to wear with this outfit!


I'm unsure whether this pair would fit well together however I love them both separately.

I think the dress is a perfect outfit for your/your partners Christmas work party


Peep toe shoes are my guilty pleasure at the moment, so classic and the perfectly discrete way to show off beautifully manicured toes.


Personally I think this is a lovely way to wear stylishly warm and comfy clothing.

The earrings are bang on tend right now as triangles and aztec styling are the thing to wear right now!


Pyjamas are my biggest love of Autumn and Winter, they're so comfy!

 I already own a pair of New Look PJ's and they are undoubtedly the most comfy I have.

The Comic Cami looks super cute however I'm gutted they don't sell trousers to match.

I hope you guys are enjoying the Autumn so far!

Have you got any wishlists?
Or any Work Party OOTD ideas??
Send them across!


  1. love that first dress!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new Chanel cream blush giveaway here, if you like!

  2. I love that Mango floral sweater! I never think to look in Mango - must remember to keep my eyes peeled!