17 September 2013

Beauty Wishlist..

Now that you have seen my 

I'm bringing out the Beauty Wishlist too! 
Autumn is the usual time of year for 
darker lipsticks/nail polishes 
and intense moisturizer's

Well not for me, as I like to mix things up a bit and not go with the normal.


Autumn will not put me off getting this gorgeous light pink shade in There She Goes

My fellow bloggers have been raving about Topshop lipstick for a while now and I have been putting it off for too long now!
 You can see in my Lipstick Collection here I have a slight obsession with nudeish colours already and this will be adding to this problem I have.

BB Cream is one of my 2013  
'Thank God I found this product'
This product appears as though it will give just a gentle glow under a normal foundation base and during the Autumn/Winter months we still need to keep the tanning up to date!

 The 8 in 1 formula is a bit daunting at first but it includes:

1. Evens skin tone
2. Sheer tint
3. Boosts radiance
4. 16-hour moisturisation
5. Smoothes skin
6. Prolongs tan
7. SPF 15
8. Refreshing sensation

Now apart from the baffling last point this all sounds perfect to me. Can someone explain why a BB Cream will contain a refreshing sensation?

 May I ask??

Who wouldn't want Essie in their Wishlist!
 So many colours! I sometimes feel there too much to choose from!

Both colours I've picked are very pale and neutral tones but I think with the perfect outfit would look stunning!

I've only found one problem with the Essie polishes, they take forever to dry! And I generally end up smudging them :(

However they barely chip and have super staying power!

I've been eying these brushes up for a while now! 

Recently I have been using sponges for an even application but the amount of positive reviews & people using these are incredible.

I love that the two lovely ladies who created this brand were just like me and you once. They started out small and have grown they're own name/empire. Well Done Pixiwoo :)

I am a little late on the band wagon with this product but every time I'm in town it either appears to be sold out or I have two grumpy boys hurrying me up.

I certainly prefer the Peach Kiss as it appears as though it would show a beautiful warm colour with that hint of cheekyness to it!

I also think it needs to be more known that the brand is Maybelline, all I've heard is 'Baby Lips' and was unsure which stand to look at to find them.
Or is it just me being silly??

This product for me is a bit of an indulgence, I love to wrap my hair & face in a mask and sit back and let it work it's magic.

After the Summer months of caking our faces in Sun Cream, Cosmetics and Tanning Lotion I think the Autumn time is a great moment to let your skin relax and clean out all the mess.

Next year I think I might also take a trip down to the 
Covent Garden Spa and just chill for the day!  

What are you buying especially for Autumn??


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    1. Thanks :) I used PicMonkey it's a really easy site to use for photo editing. x

  3. I love the Real Techniques brushes too, the buffing brush is definitely my favourite and most used! :) x

  4. The Essie nail polishes look really pretty, especially the pastel purple one.


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