23 July 2013

30 Day Snap.. Number 21&22+23.. Whoops!!

I have a valid reason for missing the last

three days of 30 Day Snaps

Whoops, sorry guys!

So my story begins on Wednesday the 17th

I was contacted by a Production Company to be a Runner

for the night! At the Basement Jaxx Live Streamed Gig at 

Somerset House in London!

What an experience!
Loved it :)

This was on Sunday! Then the day before this I was approached by another company

By a lovely gentleman recommending me, who Directed 

Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith - La La La song!

 So therefore on Monday I arrived in Hackney

to work as a Runner again for a music video.

For the band Temples

They were really awesome and cool guys!
Check out their music!

So that is why I have been away for a while, and why I am slightly exhausted.

However it was all great fun and thank you to all the people who contacted/recommended/Iworkedwith!

These past few days I have worked with the nicest people, even after a 12 hour stint we were all still laughing and enjoying it!

And a huge thank you to Daniel who escorted me everywhere to make sure I was safe!  

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