9 July 2013

The Liebster Award.

Definition of Liebster.

sweetheart, beloved person, darling.

It feels an honour to be Nominated for The Liebster Award 
by the lovely 

Thank you!

I'm very excited about this, as it's my first Liebster Award! 

My Nominees.
Check them out, they're awesome!

11 Random Facts.

I started blogging seriously in 2013.

I worked at the London Olympics.

This year is the first time I've seen my natural hair colour in 10 years!

I was born in Portsmouth, UK.

I've been with my Boyfriend for over 4 years.

In October I'm going to see The Goo Goo Dolls I'm so excited!

I only listen to music loudly.

I've read 50 Shades of Grey, I think it's awful!

Boris Johnson walked past me at the Olympics, while I was preparing myself for another 12 hour shift.

I drink black coffee.

My son Taylor is going to be 6 in August!! 

Questions from Chinella.

1.) Since when did you know you had a passion for Beauty & Fashion?
I've always had an interest in Makeup, as from a young age I performed on the stage and had to know a few things about makeup and lighting. I guess this is what started the spending sprees!

2.) Did you ever try to give up on blogging?
Unfortunatly yes. I gave up in 2012 as this was a BIG year for me and my family. (I moved house, Daniel was in his last year of Uni, I finished my final year in Beauty Therapy and we both worked at the Olympic Games.)

3.) What is your favourite thing about Beauty & Fashion?
Trying all the different colours and looks you can create!

4.) What is your worst thing about Beauty & Fashion?
How the media create such a drama if a 'Celebrity' has worn the same item twice!

5.) What is your current favourite Fashion trend?
All the Aztec Style at the moment.

6.) What's your advice to New Bloggers?
Be yourself, relax & have fun!

7.) Your most memorable Blogger moment?
Gaining some followers on my blog :)

8.) Favourite Makeup Product at the moment?
MUA Undressed Palette

9.) Your biggest support when it comes to your blog?
My Boyfriend, he doesn't care about Beauty or Makeup yet he reads every post and says what he likes about it.

10.) What brightens your mood instantly on a dull day?
Seeing the lovely comments you guys leave!

11.) Who is your Beauty & Fashion Inspiration?
I can't pick any particular person as I get inspiration from everyone in different ways!

My Questions For My Nominees. 

What made you start blogging?

Where can you see your blog in a years time?

Your favourite makeup brand?

What's your dream job?

Your favourite thing about blogging?

Name your top 2 shopping websites?

Do you plan your posts and let us in on what will be in your next post?

If you had a super power, what would it be?

Your favourite Blog?

Whats the best advice you've been given?

What is your guilty pleasure?

Have a go and leave me the link so I can read them all!

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  1. I love this post :) such a nice idea and lovely that you have been nominated :)