4 July 2013

Makeup Transformation!...

In life there will always be people

saying, makeup makes no difference to what you look like!

Excuse me!!

I admit they have a point, as in Beauty comes with Self Confidence and Each person is Beautiful in their own way.

But it can make a huge! HUGE! Difference!

Take my first picture...

Straight out of the shower...

Hair tangled&wet

Face shiny&red


However I've taken a picture of each Makeup Stage and you can see the gradual difference a bit of makeup can make!

 A simple MUA BB Cream
Collection2000 Concealer

(most of the redness gone, and even skin tone)

A light coverage of Foundation

completely clears the imperfections.

Number 3 is not a good look! 

However once blended in like Number 4

it starts to shape the face, and contour.

Number 5 is obviously not the look I'm going for!

I'm using the MUA ProBase Conceal and Highlight Kit.

Number 6 adds to the contouring by highlighting the perfect areas!

Adding Eye Makeup and Filling in the Brows

can make a real statement for your eyes.

I've only gone for the basic look.

Finishing off with Two coats of Mascara

and Lippy!

Now you tell me there isn't a difference!  

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