7 July 2013

30 Day Snap.. Number 7.. Murray!!

If you have read the Post Title

Need I say anymore.

This is the first year I have enjoyed watching Tennis...
77 years we have waited for a UK Champion!

Murray you flipping legend!



  1. Omg everyone is doing the 30 day snap. I've just started mine and I'm on day 5. Quite exciting.

    How did you find the game? I'm not really into tennis so it was just on in the background for me.

    Love from Kelly

    1. I really enjoy doing it actually, it's made me realise I don't take enough pictures of my life and surroundings.

      The game, I haven't been into Wimbledon/Tennis before until my boyfriend explained the rules to me.

      But yeah it was in a background for a bit, until the final set and then I was hooked! x