24 June 2013


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Have you noticed, my new page!

I shall be embarking upon design your Headers and Buttons.

Like I have done above!

  Enough of that

In October 2012 I cut my hair, before an Interview for RiverIsland 
that I never went to.

From that moment on I decided I was to grow my hair properly this time, after many debates with myself whether to bother growing it or not.

October 2012 my hair looked like this!

It was the typical long fringe and the rest was approx 1-2 inches long.

Very short, however it suited the situation I was in; with a young child not having a lot of time to focus on anything but him.

But for months I had been telling myself, just to grow it long again but I was so worried about, how much 'out of style' it would go.

But I eventually went for it.

Previously when I grew my hair, every couple of months I would get it trimmed and it took forever to have the prime length.

How ever this time I researched it, and came across a Hairdresser website that basically said, if you want to grow it, then just go for it!
No Trimming 
No Cutting!

So I did.

This is 8 months later.

So Saturday morning

Daniel proclaimed, 'Heather do you think you might want to go to the Hairdressers today??'

Heather replied 'Thanks Dan, your saying I look like a scruff'

For the record, Daniel is a wonderful man and although I moan and groan, he makes me extremely happy!

We were heading into Basingstoke for our date night anyway, so I got my hair cut.
In the style of this:

Am I completely out of the 'celebrity loop' but who is this??

So I got it chopped, so it appears much nicer than it was before!

I can see again!!

It's sound quite patronizing and I'm so for that,

but all I needed was someone to tell me to just let it grow and it will appear so much better in the end!

Just keep a lot of Bobby Pins close by for those unexpected and unwanted flyaways!


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