10 June 2013

How to make...

How to make a home

a homely, homely
sort of


I moved into my current home almost a year ago now
with hardly any furniture

I got rid of my old Red two seater sofa that Whisky had practically humped to death

my parents took back their chest of drawers

I got rid of my hugmongous TV which was so big it could have been from the 80's,
that we purchased at a charity shop a few years previous

so I moved into a home that was as bare as a babies bottom.

It's taken me a good few months to save money to make this home a homely sort of homely home.

It didn't help with the fact I left my job before christmas and my car decided to break down at the same time costing me 

What bad timing!

But I'm getting all the pieces together and I though I would share some 
ideas that make a home, homely 
but also ideas on how to save.

 This is my new sofa.
This was a flamming bargain
I found it on Gumtree
Only two years old for £250
Cost less than the bloody car!
The previous owners told us it cost them £1,200
and it is just super snuggly 
and best of all, a prime place to nap after a long day.

When I moved out, we didn't have a coffee table or an ornaments 
so this was a big step for us.
IKEA Table for £8

and little bits and bobs to fill it.

I think pictures can really make the house cosy! It's one of my favourite parts of the home.

There is also usually a school picture of Taylor on the table but I don't want to show his face. :(

Keeping with the ornaments 



We purchased him from the local summer fayre,
literally a week after I moved.

He put me back a good £30 
but this also included ornamental wooden flowers we have in the garden.

 This is the table that separates my Lounge from the 
Dining Room

I love that my home is open planned!
My favourite thing on this table is the photo album in the middle,
my mum put together pictures from when I was a baby up till the present day.

These photo albums and Daniel's Graduation one mean so much to me, so they have pride and place on my special table.

My key rack, umbrella holder and Whisky's bandana perch.

I like the authenticity of this, it's from the same store as my special table.
It's a one off shop in Winchester 
with all sorts of homeware and quirky pieces.

 Polaroid Camera

Very vintage,
I cannot wait to get some pictures up on the walls 
using this.

I much prefer Polaroid's from digital.

The flicker of candles with a glass of wine, on a Friday evening
is the best feeling!

A couple of months ago I was a RUNNER

Carelle Mowatt (music video)
Just One Soldier

and they asked me, for the last scene to lay out tealights, once
they were all lit and it just looked incredible!

 I originally wanted to plant some cute indoor plants 
in this, but Daniel got fed up of never being able to find pens.

So it's stuck since.
And I quite like it!

And last but not least

These cuties
the green is Heather
the blue is Daniel

I think they're very appropriate now we live near loads of sheep and farms
although I wish the Cockerel next door would die.
Sorry. Haha.

I hope this has helped your decisions of how to make your home a, homely homely type of home.

Remember it's not just a shell.



  1. I love this! That table is gorgeous! Good job :)



    1. Isn't it so cute! It really fit well in the house :) x

  2. Heather and Daniel are soooo cute! xo

  3. Lovely post! How weird though, I have the same giraffe but mines called Jeff, so we have a Jazzy Jeff between us lol! Xx
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks :)
      How weird! I think the gentleman that made it is based in Hampshire :) x