2 June 2013

Here we go...

My first proper video.

This video is sponsored by 

Taylor's Whinging Company Ltd

Disclaimer .. these are only my opinions I don't expect you guys to feel the same.

These are the overview of my products

Really nice coverage if blended in properly.

The 3 round makeup sponges I didn't blog about.
But the Applicator Mitt is super easy to use and blends the product really well.

It's a good Polish Remover but I find the cheaper versions more effective.

You can see this in use (here)
My easy French Manicure

Really good coverage concealor
I only bought it because of (Zoella) 
  recommending it in one of her videos

Pressed Powder in Shade 1
Really nice and leaves matte complexion

Air brushed finish, it feels really lightweight on the skin and 
covers any imperfections and redness.

Gelly Nail Paint 
in Prickly Pear 
Stay tuned for a review this week.
But I really love the colour so far!

 My nails in this picture are the Jack Wills Dandelion
My review is (here)

This product reminded me of the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Palette
Only this was £3.50.
I can't wait to use it.

Although I'm holding the mascara upside down, it is a really good buy.

 The one I can't pronounce, haha. 
Gorgeous colour!

This stunning Kate Moss Lip stick in number 08

An everyday lippy.

 Let me know what you guys want to see next!

Have a great week.


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