17 June 2013

My Cornish Pasties...

I'm being very organized, I have cooked in advanced and thought I would share my skills with you guys!

I know what you're thinking Mum, 
'What! Shes Organizing herself!'

Yes, because tomorrow I will be working all day
and picking Taylor up and getting home around 6pm 
I need something to just bung in the oven and cook quickly for
The Troublesome One

Good Ol' Fashioned Veggie Pasties.

To make, Two Adult or Two Kiddie and One Adult - sized pasties

You will need ...

Four smallish White Potatos

Two and a Half Carrots

A handful of Green Beans

Puff Pastry

Seasoning and a rolling pin

Strong cheese, it makes it taste much more cheesey

Once you've cut all the veg into small chunks,

grated a ton! Of cheese 

and sorted out what you need 

you cut the pasty into sections

Roll out your piece into a squarish shape.
Mines not square at all!

Place all contents into the center/slightly to one of the corners.

With the kids Pasty, don't add any extra Salt or Pepper.
Salt is not needed in their diet/there is enough in the cheese
and They may not like the spicyness of Pepper

I made Two Kiddies and One Adult.

With cooking the pasty

you have to set the Oven to Gas Mark 7 // 220°C
for 20 minutes

Then turn it down to Gas Mark 3 // 140°C
 for 20  minutes

And then turn the oven off for 20 minutes

because the veg is raw you have a make the edging tight so the steam cooks it perfectly!

and the finished result is this!

Serve with Baked Beans and your good to go!

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