18 June 2013

Top 2 Bloggers...

I have only just seriously started this whole 
blogging malarky

but over a past couple of months I have revisited some Beauty Bloggers time and time again.

Wanted to share them with you guys, if you don't know about them already.

My First Favourite Blogger Is...

A Yellow Brick Blog

First of all, I love the name.

This blog is run by Kirstie, who lives in the South, just like me.

 Beauty & Life & Fashion Blogger and appears to be very down to earth, which really attracts me to read a post!

You can check out her experiences recently of the Isle Of Wight Festival.
The pictures, make me want to go!

Check her out.

My Second Favourite Blogger Is...

Tea and Lead

This is one of the first Beauty Bloggers I came across when I decided to take blogging seriously.

I really like her sense of style, she appears to be very 
'Rock Chic'  
If that is even a catagory!

She also blogs about Beauty and Reviews products!

 Check her out.

If you guys agree, then let me know below or if you have your favourites, leave the link and I'll check it out!


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