4 June 2013

Take a little look at my life...

Hello Bloggers//Twitter(ers)//Facebookers

Isn't this sun beautiful!

It's about time!!

What a day it's been...

Taylor has an ear infection :( and kept me and Daniel up for 3 hours straight last night 
so right now I feel a bit ZZZzzzzzz

Anyway I want to share a small section of my life with you.

You can always check out more 


or here...

and here...

but for now I will share this with you

Bowling Shoes
Primark Nail Wraps + Beyonce at Glastonbury
Taylor's Ant, for Daniel
Night time for me
Taylor in the morning sun
Cheeky Pimms
The cutest, fluffiest ducklings
Lambs, Baa Baa     
Taylor and Me 2012
Morning Croissant and Coffee 

CanCan you tell I love cute things!

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