11 June 2013

INAMO Restaurant Review...

Back on the 22nd of December 2012, my charming and romantic Boyfriend treated me to a magical day out in London.
He had finished work a couple of days previously and decided it was time for us to have a day discovering the area which he worked.
All of the events that happened were kept a surprise until we literally walked into them.
I nagged and nagged, as I'm awful at not knowing what is happening next...

We started the day off going to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, although we didn't end up going on any rides, it was such a Wintery Magically place with tinkling lights and it had the beautiful Wintery atmosphere.

Our day was very scheduled so we couldn't spend too much time wandering around. 
The next thing Daniel was taking me on the underground for about 15 minutes, my mind thinking 'Ohh where are we going now, ... oh god damn you Daniel tell where we're going!'
We came out at the National History Museum 

(google - thanks)

Unsurprisingly it was v. busy, but equally as romantic and stunning. I would like to say I'm quite confident on the ice once I get my wobblies out the way first. However in the middle of the Ice Rink was a stunning Christmas tree, Daniel asked me to stand by it so we could take a picture. I floated over, but started to wobble, instead of falling on my bottom, like a normal person I fell straight onto my hands and knees (a very dignified, Heather's Bottom Waving in the air!)
so the picture I have is with soaked knees and a cheeky smile.
We also got a photo done by the Ice Rink guys, and 'accidently' walked away with it, as they were asking for £10.

 This took us to past mid day, and I knew we were having dinner some time later. We headed up to Oxford/Regent Street and as you can imagine 3 days before Christmas, it was slightly busy.
By slightly I mean bloody manic.
We looked in a few shops and decided to give up and warm ourselves with a Hot Chocolate.

It got to 5 O'Clock and we had to run to the Restaurant, as Daniel (the numpty) forgot what time he booked the table.

Daniel heard about this Restaurant at work and checked out the (website) 
  Honestly, you will not find another restaurant like it. In the UK anyway. I walked in and was a bit shocked as we usually go to quite traditional Restaurants, as do many people, we are stuck in our ways with what we like and what we don't.

The first thing you see is this...

The tables have a projected interactive image, and to the right of you, you have a touch screen mouse. 
There is no waiter hassling you while you have a mouth full of food and you can order whatever you like, whenever you like, and they just bring it to your table when it is ready.

The food was fantastic. It's an Oriental Menu, everything had a bit of spicyness to it as well, which is right up my street.

We started the meal with a cheeky Cocktail each.
Very strong, but very nice.

I had the 

and Daniel had the 

Yummy way to start the meal.

While I popped for a quick tinkle,

Daniel (the silly boy, he should know how quickly I get drunk) bought a £20 bottle of wine.
Let me add, this wine was perfect, it didn't burn, it was smooth and tasty.
A big change to our usual, pop down to Tesco and get the cheapest available. Haha.

We had Chicken Satay and Tiger King Prawns for a Starter.

 Really nicely cooked and presented.

Daniel choose the Hot Stone Rib Eye Steak 
The Beef came out in small slices on this Hot Stone and you basically cooked it to your own liking!
It was unique touch and really nice.

I had some sort of Pork with a really nice sauce.
It's no longer on the Menu. But the food at this place is the bomb!

And of course because Daniel is obsessed with Creme Brulee, we had to have one of those too.

Here is the (menu)

Honestly, have a go, it's such fun, a really special and different night out.

To round the day off perfectly it was a surprise for the whole day and months previously...

we saw this ...

I cried when he told me, as I have wanted to see it for so long, and now I finally have.

Daniel you are the best boyfriend that could ever exist to me.


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  1. Hi honey,

    Love your blog!! Les Miserables is my favourite musical ever, I cry every time. You're a very lucky girl! Also went to Winter Wonderland this year, was a real laugh looks like you had great fun.

    Thank you for sending me your link on twitter, would love it if you followed me back - my blog is still a baby!

    Emily xxx